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Web based CRM Solution that covers the full spectrum of your company's
processes such as leads, sales, marketing, quotes & employees.
You can also pair it with Vhesta ERP to cover inventory control and accounts.

Cloud Access

Cloud Access

Vhesta CRM is a web based solution and can be fully integrated or customized to specific processes. The solution can be provided on a cloud based platform or in house as a server based solution according to your preferences.

Customized Solutions

Vhesta CRM brings together all data sources and processes to open up new horizons for your relationship management. All data from applications such as ERP systems are interlinked, providing you with the ideal resources to manage your business effectively.

Customized Solutions
Strategic Guidance

Strategic Guidance

We provide support 24*7 and with an unparalleled set of features and an extensive functionality , Vhesta is all you need to make your business shine!

Engage with your customers

CRM- Simple & Limitless

Vhesta CRM offers you fascinatingly simple functions to make your daily relationship management easier. By using Vhesta CRM, you can enjoy the benefits of incredible freedom and ease of use.

Customer Centricity

Our innovative CRM solutions offer a tailored selection of configurable options and can automatically make all your products, services, business processes and touchpoint customer-centric.

Utilize The power of your networks

Vhesta CRM solutions provide the basis for managing your relationships with not only your customers, but also employees, business partners, suppliers, competitors and investors enabling unlimited expansion of CRM to your entire network providing unlimited relationship management.

provide Tailored Advice

Vhesta CRM presents complex products and offers in a simple way. Incorporate recorded customer wishes are presented in a tailored, error-free product configuration and professional quote generations are based on defined pricing models.

Vhesta ERP


A web-based software which can integrate planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance, human resources and many more!

Vhesta ERP

Scale your growth with us

Manage Sales and Funnel

Inventory Control

With Vhesta ERP, all your products, customers, orders and transactions are synced and secure in the cloud.

Instant Customized Reports

Instant Customized Reports

On-demand, the manager can have a detailed report of sales made, quotations sent, etc..

Better Prioritizing

Account Management

Vhesta ERP helps you to maintain and analyze financial data and manage accounts of your business.

Operate Through The Cloud

User Access Control

Vhesta user access control will prevent unauthorized changes to your computer.

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Awesome Features

Instant Quotations

Create and edit quotation with ease and convert the quotation to PDF by one click.

Powerful Dashboard

Create and manage leads and them status with previous history in one place without jump to other pages.

SMS Integration

Send SMS to the leads and customers upon creations and other action which is related to the leads.

Perfect Design

Perfect and simple UI / UX design which is make the day easier.

Great Coordinations

Employees can check the progress and status of collegue's leads.

24/7 Online Support

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